Same Sex Uncontested Divorces

same sex divorce

Since the legalization of gay marriages in all 50 states in June of 2015, a same sex divorce can now be filed in any state as well. It doesn't matter where the same sex marriage occured- a same sex divorce can be filed in the state that you currently reside in if you meet the state's residency requirements for filing.

Our staff of friendly divorce professionals are expieranced in dissolving same sex marriages quicky and affordably. If you have questions about a same sex uncontested divorce in your state call and speak with one of our divorce specialists today.

We fully prepare your same sex divorce papers using forms approved by the court you are filing in. All you have to do is sign and file. It really is that simple!

same sex uncontested divorce

Same Sex Divorces with Adopted Children

Same sex couples who have adopted a minor child (or children) may also use our services to obtain a cheap same sex divorce. Issues such as child custody, visitation, child support, and health insurance must be addressed in the divorce paperwork. If your same sex divorce includes a minor adopted child, you must start your same sex divorce papers by completing the divorce questionnaire by phone with a same sex divorce specialists. To start your same sex divorce by phone please click on the call button below.

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