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By using our cheap uncontested divorce preparation service couples can finalize their own uncontested divorce quickly and affordably and without the hassles of hiring lawyers and never-ending court hearings. After using our service the majority of our customers are suprised at how fast and simple the process is and they wish they had gotten it done sooner. Start your cheap divorce online today! To start by phone call 918-608-5135


EVERYTHING you need to know about getting a cheap uncontested divorce


The majority of our customers are able to finalize their own uncontested divorces for under $500- TOTAL COST INCLUDING FILING FEE. If either you or your spouse are UNEMPLOYED or on a FIXED INCOME you may be able to file your uncontested divorce without paying the filing fee. Even if your spouse refuses to sign divorce papers, or if you cannot find your spouse, you can still get a cheap uncontested divorce!

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Most Popular Divorce Packages

Whatever your circumstances are we can help you get a cheap uncontested divorce!

Service / Summons Divorce

cheap Divorce

If you are not sure if your spouse will sign the divorce papers, or if your spouse is incarcerated in jail or prison, you still may be able to finalize your divorce by using the service divorce package. Your spouse will be legally served with divorce papers, and he or she will only have a prescibed amount of time (usually 20-45 days) to contest the divorce. If your spouse doesn't hire a lawyer to contest the divorce, your divorce can be finalized by default- without your spouse's signature. For more information about the service/summons divorce package give us a call!

Publication Divorce AKA Missing Spouse Divorce

 Publication Divorce

If you have been unable to locate your spouse, or if your spouse refuses to provide you with a valid address so you can serve him/her with divorce papers, you still may be able to obtain a quick divorce by publication. The publication divorce allows you to serve your spouse by publishing a legal notice in the newspaper. Publication divorces are finalized without the signature of the other spouse.

Waiver Divorce

Waiver Divorce

The waiver divorce is by far our most popular divorce package. If your spouse is willing to sign, the waiver divorce is the fastest way to get a divorce. The waiver divorce package allows a divorce to be finalized without the non-filing spouse having to appear in court. Your spouse can sign a waiver form in front of a notary and mail it back to you, or he or she can file it directly with the court. The waiver divorce package is ideal if your spouse resides in a different county or state and does not want to travel to court. To use the waiver divorce package you must be sure that your spouse will sign the divorce papers.


How much does an Uncontested Divorce REALLY cost?

In most states divorcing couples can file and finalize their own own uncontested divorce for under $500 (this includes the filing fee and our fee). In addition to our fee for prepararing your divorce papers, here are some other costs customers may encounter...

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